What if you could…

  • Fortify SaaS applications with a standby recovery site that’s replicated in real-time?
  • Ensure unencumbered access to proprietary data?
  • Gain the confidence of an industry-leading contingency strategy that ensures application continuity?

Whether you’re a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, or a SaaS subscriber – or perhaps a lawyer representing either of these parties – chances are you’re no stranger to the risks and challenges associated with adopting cloud applications. SaaS providers are the stewards of data and processes that constitute the very lifeblood of subscribers’ businesses; consequently, the perceived risks of this relationship often marginalize the acknowledged virtues of cloud applications over on-premises software. The net result? An unrealized opportunity that compromises the growth potential of both organizations.

Safeguard your Future

Iron Mountain founded the technology escrow industry in 1982, and today we continue to develop forward-thinking services and solutions that help you minimize the risks of SaaS while preserving application continuity.

Our SaaSProtect Continuity Services is a true industry first: a SaaS-focused contingency solution that combines advanced recovery-as-a-service, source code escrow, and data restoration capabilities into one powerful, comprehensive service that’s catered to your unique business needs. SaaSProtect Continuity Services offers the flexibility to customize protection against disasters or other unplanned outages – as well as typical software escrow release events, such as bankruptcy.

What you get is the peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for the unexpected; ready to take control, maintain business continuity, and forge ahead.

Know You're Prepared

SaaSProtect Continuity Services give you the confidence of knowing you’re:

Ready to Recover, with Recovery-as-a-Service capabilities that:

  • Continuously replicate your application and data to create a high availability recovery environment. Available recovery time objectives (RTO) options range from 1-5 hours using daily backups, or less than 5 minutes with our real-time replication technology.
  • Host your SaaS application after a recovery event – such as a disaster, unplanned outage, or cessation of business – for up to 60 days.
  • Confirm application continuity readiness via recovery failover testing.

Ready to Restore, with Data Restoration Services that offer:

  • Testing that validates the restoration readiness of subscriber data following a recovery event.
  • The ability to extract subscriber data from your SaaS application to support business continuity objectives.

Ready to Resume, with Software Escrow and Verification Testing that:

  • Stores the source code, object code, and other build components of your SaaS application in an Iron Mountain Vault.
  • Verifies that the components held in escrow are current, functional, and complete.

What You Gain

SaaS Providers

  • Gain the competitive advantage of an industry-leading contingency strategy that ensures application continuity for you and your subscribers.
  • Ensure subscribers will maintain unencumbered access to the proprietary data they need to run their businesses – no matter what happens to yours.
  • Engender trust with subscribers by proving they’re protected, delivering the confidence needed to choose you as their business partner.
  • Prove ownership of your technology assets and intellectual property with a development audit trail.
  • Offer user convenience and information security with unlimited depositing, secure destruction of materials, and automatic notifications.

SaaS Subscribers

  • Safeguard your business with a comprehensive contingency solution, enabling continuity in the event a provider is no longer able to support their offering.
  • Protect your ongoing investment in SaaS solutions.
  • Improve protection of proprietary data with limited or no IT involvement.
  • Satisfy internal governance, risk, and compliance policies before entering into a SaaS relationship.
  • Preserve the integrity of your escrow agreement through Iron Mountain® Escrow Verification Services.

Iron Mountain SaaSProtect Continuity Services offer a powerful disaster recovery and risk management solution for companies involved on both sides of Software-as-a-Service relationships. By ensuring application and data availability, we help to foster trust between all parties – and make peace of mind an attainable goal.

Need some guidance with SaaS concerns?

Iron Mountain offers complimentary consulting services to assist our clients with the planning and implementation of technology solutions and best practices around application continuity and contingency planning.