What if you could help your clients close business more quickly?

What if you could expand your offering to clients by providing technology escrow services alongside arranging licensing contracts?

As a laywer, it’s always useful to be able to add to the services you offer your clients. If you’re arranging licensing contract with firms who develop technology, whether for software, machinery or any other valuable form of intellectual property, providing a technology escrow service is a natural fit.

Many companies who are licensing technology will simply require a technology escrow as part of their agreement. And for those that aren’t aware of the service, providing knowledge of escrows and their advantages substantially reduces their risk in signing contracts and allows them the confidence to sign deals more quickly.

By working with Iron Mountain to assist your clients with their customers’ escrow requirements you’ll be helping them smooth the path to signing contracts.

Iron Mountain’s technology Escrow Services:

  • Enable you to assist your clients with something that their clients will likely expect of them
  • Let you help your clients close more business by reducing their contracting risk

Offer more to your clients by joining the 60,000 conract parties using Iron Mountain’s Escrow Services: