What if you could easily satisfy your litigation discovery requirements?

During the discovery phase of litigation, there is an inherent conflict of interest between parties. Defendants must satisfy the discovery requirements of the court, while simultaneously protecting their intellectual property. For plaintiffs, it’s essential that their attorneys and experts gain access to the information necessary to prepare for trial. Our expertise empowers organizations to comply efficiently with discovery compliance provisions related to intellectual property litigation, while simultaneously reducing associated costs, response times and risk of potential exposure.

With Iron Mountain acting as a neutral third party in the discovery process, the IP Litigation Discovery Escrow Service provides a secure and controlled environment that offers tremendous benefits to all parties:

  • Plaintiffs are allowed the opportunity to access and examine all pertinent intellectual property
  • Defendants eliminate the potential exposure and risk associated with delivering proprietary information directly to plaintiffs
  • All parties enjoy access to mutually agreeable, convenient locations via Iron Mountain’s extensive national network of secure data protection vaults
  • Comfortable working environments—with onsite customer service—in which to review proprietary deposited materials
  • Flexible security protocols to meet the specific needs of each individual case

Iron Mountain: your trusted partner for legal discovery

For more than 25 years, Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management division has been a trusted partner for safeguarding intellectual property. We now serve the intellectual property management needs of more than 40,000 clients around the world, including over 90% of the Fortune 1000. Our IP Litigation Discovery Escrow Service was developed in direct response to the dramatic rise in patent litigation cases—a number that has increased by 75% since 1995—and the needs of our customers for a strategic discovery compliance solution to challenges of IP litigation.