When source code is put in into software escrow, the acknowledged best practice is to ask an impartial 3rd party expert to check that what is meant to be in there is all there.

Iron Mountain’s escrow agents offer unparalleled insight into the composition of your escrow deposits, and then produce an easy-to-read report that specifies what is in the account.

For software escrows, we can also verify that the materials in escrow are complete and functional, and define what would be needed in order to reconstruct and maintain software – should the need arise.

We offer five levels of verification testing:

  • File List Test: we check that deposited assets are readable, virus-free and, if encrypted, that the decryption keys have also been deposited.
  • Inventory and Analysis Test: we provide a complete audit and inventory of the deposit, including analysis of deposited media to check that the necessary build instructions and materials are present.
  • Compile Test (Software Escrow only): we compile the software source code, using the build documentation and files supplied, to ensure that executable files can be created from the contents of the escrow account.
  • Binary Comparison Test (Software Escrow only): we compare the executable files built in compile testing to the actual licensed executable files running at your site.
  • Full Usability Test (Software Escrow only):we confirm that the source code placed in escrow will be fully functional in the event of a release. We run a series of tests to ensure that the replicated software functions properly, and then create a detailed report of these tests, including demonstrations of the software in action.