Want help with developing your escrow agreement?

In addition to our Escrow Services, Iron Mountain offers a range of specialised consultancy services to both licensors and licencees.

If you are licensing technology, your customers are likely to be more engaged if you offer them an escrow service to mitigate their potential business risk. If you are paying for a license, you will want to have peace of mind that you are protected if your supplier has any change of circumstance.

Taking impartial advice on best practices helps both sides achieve what they need from an escrow. One consultancy project may be enough to stand you in good stead for the future if you’re going to be licensing a number of very similar technology products. And if your requirements are more complex, you will need to know that you have expert help at hand to support you in negotiating what should go into the escrow account, how you should monitor the account and contractual arrangements to make the most of the escrow service.

We offer support in:

  • Structuring escrow agreements that reflect your specific needs.
  • Negotiating and reviewing contracts.
  • Account monitoring and compliance.