Software collateral escrow is a synthesis of escrow, valuation and audit processes in which a corporation’s intellectual property assets are assessed and utilized as collateral to secure financing. Iron Mountain works as an impartial third party in these arrangements, providing all parties with a secure technology escrow account that:

  • Provides the lender with access to the assets used as collateral against a loan default, including source code, documentation, firmware, schematics and any other pertinent information
  • Creates a medium for identification and fair market appraisal of software product components
  • Offers verification services to eliminate ambiguity about what the lender really owns in the case of a default
  • Documents and reports all update activity on the account to the lender
  • Offers justification to lenders for the loan in the shape of saleable assets—collateralized, valued, verified and escrowed software

In our role as the company that invented technology escrow in 1982—and still defines the leading edge of the field today—Iron Mountain offers the unique combination of source code escrow experience, specialized technology expertise and unrivaled security to help you leverage the possibilities of software collateral escrow to your advantage. Our source code escrow services help parties on both sides of the table to analyze, assess, validate and secure the assets in question, streamlining negotiations, facilitating agreements and delivering real peace of mind.